Friday, December 31, 2010

same old resolutions!

i cant believed that 2010 is coming to an end! *gasp*
it zoomed and vroomed passed me so fast that i think F1 driver also dont know the definition of "speed" anymore.

as i look back..i am reminded of how many failures that i had under my belt throughout the years that left me in tears and disappointment. nevertheless...we cant always view things as the way it is...peeling off the layers of sadness of every incident or as i would like to call them shitty stuffs..i find them contributing to the current me. in a good way of cuz. muahaha..self absorbing again. =p

its so cliche i know to say that behind every incident there is so many good things bout it yadayadayada...but these words...they are so true!
many have commented how i have changed in this year. *shy* and with my current would be seriously odd if i have not grown an inch of maturity! =p i am proud to say that i am 22 ! haha!

but those shitty incidents...i shall never forget the lesson learnt! =(

but of cuz..there is also the other side of a coin.
much failures but much blessings and success too!
for example....i manage to gain and lost weight like a balloon.
or when i get the results that i dare not dream about! thank God for this!=)
or like when i won 2 tickets to the MTV Asia award by clicking onto their website. damn lucky! haha.
and many many others la! cant remember them.
haha...i have lousy memory. i know. old already what to do. haiz.

well...going to what people call resolutions ( because they can never find a solution to those resolution! ) resolutions remained the same as the previous! haha.

let me just name a few :

1 ) To root myself in God"s word & have stronger foundation in God!
well...need i say more? When you honour God in the things that you do..God will honour u in return! Amen!

2 ) to be a hardworking women!
haiz...i hate this phrase " there is no such thing called an ugly women..there is only lazy women." SEE....give ppl stress only..haha! fyi,this is a chinese idioms. i have to admit that as much as i love to dress up n all..i am like the laziest girl that u wont believed it too when i tell u that i dun wash my afce regularly. i can go on without washing my face for like 3 days? haha...or that even when i wash face..i may not necessarily do the follow up steps such as moisturizing and toning them...or etc...or that i dun like to apply lotion on my body because i find it too troublesome. HAHA! oh..just remembered...i bought a bottle of body lotion earlier this year...n its like still 97% full! =p
yes. i am that lazy! haha! so i dowana be a lazy women no more! i wana be a hardworking one! muahahahahah...!

3 ) to lose weight. =='''
i think this is like on every girl's list. haha! like how can you not include this right? right? okla...let me be more realistic this time. i wana target my thigh area. they are like HUGE!T.T
though i know..its almost impossible..nevermind la...let me syiok syiok la...ok? haha! =p hey! stop imagining how my thigh looks like now! *hard stare*

4 ) too lazy to think liao. haha! shall add on to it when i figure it out. =p

have a great New Year peeps!
A Great start to another Great year ahead!
let us all kiss 2010 goodbye and welcome 2011 with a new spirit!
and dont forget to Thank God for His Grace and Mercy and also His faithfulness to us that brings us through 2010!
God bless!


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