Sunday, December 5, 2010


muffin is THE current verb for me.

why not?
muffins r great. especially chocolate muffins. ah..banana muffins are not too bad either. *drolls*

how do you use "muffin"?

example :

"MUFFIN..i forget to bathe today."


"MUFFIN..the muffin fella is so annoying la."

or simply

"MUFFIN betol la u ni....."

in case u think that i am crazy for lovin' muffin. well, in "" (i love the movie to the max!) Julia Robert's character used muffin top to sugar coat the F word that every girl loath. or rather every girl is afraid of hearing. mind u. the F word here that i am referring to is FAT *gasp*.
thus, the F word shall now be replaced by "muffin"! =)

there...a pic for those visual learners to see things clearly. in case ur imagination is like so damn char la. lol.

and announce something!

*drum rolls*

i officially have a MUFFIN top.
( Yvonne, 2010 )

er...its not the BIG muffin...its just a small one but small one is bad enough. =*(
so imma try to cut down on my muffin-ness now. *doing some sit ups*

hey! that is waaaaaaay gentler on moi's fragile emotional frame of mind..!

so to all those who are concern ( referring to those who like to call me the F word)

PLS use muffin top from now on! *serious face*

chocolate muffin anyone? =p

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