Thursday, December 23, 2010

blessed Christmas!


its Christmas eve!
cant believe how time flies...its the last celebration of the year and i have been waiting for Christmas to arrive. =)

Christmas always come bringing peace, love and joy!
every year during Christmas, i feel so happy!

i remember how we ( my friends & i ) were always so crazy busy during the whole month of december. we would all be so busy preparing for Christmas.

you have the carol practice, choir practice, den we have drama at times..or dances or even both dance n many things to do that we practically spent our holidays at church going from early morning ( as early as 8am to practice our things! *gasp* i am amazed at myself. currently my "standart" wake up time is 12.30pm. lol. ) we would usually be back home in the late noon or evening.

back in the days when were were on carol ( 2008) ! * sings carol*

ur eyes are fine. i was seriously a guitarist back then. for once. haha! =p it was super hard cuz my fingers were so much in pain but it was still great!this pic is like sooo 2006. =p

i remember how my mum used to tease us by saying " oh...u guys are back..i thought that you guys will be staying overnight in church!".
well..i am thankful that my parents were so supportive of us and we were all really happy to serve the Lord! =)
i believed each and everyone of us served with a joyful heart! ahhh..those were the days...=)

Family pic! 2009

as i see myself grow older and getting less involved with the church Christmas saddens me at times. that i could not serve the way i wanted to. yes. maybe this is my own selfish choice for deceiving myself that i am "too old" to be involved or that i am no longer part of the youth fellowship or that there are younger generations taking over what we used to do...

our generation( there were more but not in this pic! )! lol. i make us sound so old. 2009

nevertheless, Christmas means so much more to me than Santa ( im scared of seeing santa. seriously. might be due to some childhood trauma. lol. ) , presents,ohhh..who doesnt like presents..but those r not all! and Christmas trees! they r beuuuuuatiful! i go like "awwww" when i see a pretty christmas trees! haha! speaking of which...i saw like the real Christmas trees in Ikea the other day when i was visiting KL. after 22 years!*shed tears of joy* or the Mistletoe!

PINK Christmas tree in Sentosa, singapore 2010.

Christmas means love. joy. peace. family. friends. and most of all...Jesus! =)

Blessed Christmas everyone! from 2 lost reindeer. =='''

*hugs & kisses*


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