Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this is it

this is my blog and i cant rant whatever i want to.
this blog is supposed to share my happy moments.
not the bitter side of me.

somehow i find myself writing lots n lots of emo posts. which is so not healthy.
maybe its because whenever i feel so happy i would be too busy being happy that i dont find the need to sit down in front of my lappie and start talking bout happy things! cuz i can do much more fun things rather than sitting quietly and typing.

as for today i am going through the same exact feeling.

God is fair.

fair the sense that i had lotsa of happy moments ever since 5weeks ago when i landed in the land of the roos but also had my share of days when i feel so sad being here.

fair in the sense that i make lots of new and great friends but sadly, i think i am losing one or maybe some of people i used to adore.

fair in the sense that i am always surrounded by great people that make me feel so special and that my presence matters to them but at time, even when i am surrounded by people i felt that i am all alone.

i am not trying to sell some self pity here.

i am not going to go around and suck it all up just cuz some stupid idioms said that " when life gives u lemon, u make lemonade out of it".

i want to. but i think i had enough of lemonade.
i am refusing the lemon now.

thank you for all the juice and the sourness that u have given me.

this is it.

i need some strawberries. or anything sweet.

Friday, March 4, 2011

playing with emotions

i think im emotionally comlicated person.

one minute i was happily studying and revising my japanese.

the next minute, i am all sad and moody.

as i sit here, in from of my laptop who proably hates me too cuz it keeps misbehaving and restart and hang whenever it feels like doing so, im SAD.

ask me why and i really cant answer that.

i tried hard to catch up with my feelings and try to give myself a good solid reason so that i dont feel so dumb for emo-ing here.

Q : What cause Yvonne to be sad?
a) home sick.
b) food sick.
c) love sick.
d) dont know.

A : d) dont know.

i really dont know. *major sigh

ok. i feel really stupid now.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

japanese is not as simple as konichiwa.

watashiwa e bon des su.
mackuri dai ga ku no ni nen sei ga se i.
tsumimase, anata ai watashiwa blog des ka?

i wrote a paragraph of crap in japanese. haha!
well if u really wana know what i wrote go google them! haha! for the record, im writing those based on my limited understanding of japanese and my romaji totally kenot pakai wan! so pls dont come and spam me if i write it wrongly or watever la!

ah.....i cant believe that i am actually taking japanese as my elective unit!
i find it fun! like u can go on and on with konichiwa n stuffs like that for real!
i mean taking the unit certainly allows me to harass my friends with my super shallow knowledge of japanese! haha! *this will be fun! =p

anyway its been a crazy week here cuz i have been playing and doing tooo much of groceries! speaking of which i really think all these walking around finding for cheaper stuffs is turning me into an aunty la. =( but what choice do i have? *sobs....FYI, we have roughly 300aud per month to survival as in food,phone & other essential stuffs. ITS NOT ENOUGH! *SOBS

well gotta stop writing now cuz i have to practice my japanese. flunked my quiz today so have to work extra harder for the next quiz! =(

nah..some pics of me la..just in case u miss me. if u dont, there r no obligations to scroll down n see them. or if you wana see how much weight i gained in 3 weeks time feel free to do so!

sydney bridge

opera house! *sings

camwhoring with the teddy biscuits! =p

st andrew's cathedral! =))

being all touristy in the middle of the city!

bah! too lazy to post pics. okthxforreadingbyebye!

oh oh! last before i stop crapping : watashiwa kawaii des ka? ka? ka? HAHAHHAHA *shameless you dont have to answer that. okthanksbubye. *runs away

e bon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

change is good?

somebody once said....

"sydney changes people."

will she really change me?

if yes....will the change be good?

or will it be bad?

change is good.

i think.

Friday, February 18, 2011

hands up!

the question of that day :
hands up...for those who reads my craps!

well...technically its not a sudden thought...i have really been wondering who reads my crazy-mostly-driven-by-my-imbalance-hormones-rants-and-emoness mind that is literally translated into words on this kinda boring page. *shamelessly still blogging

seriously.... i am amazed even by the snail development of my site meter that currently reads at OH-MY- 806! dats alot for me. *skips n jumps in circle*
*well i am a super low expectation girl! i guess. i know to some people..they dun give any shitz bout this or what but really i am contended! something small like that can really send me up cloud nine! =p

and to have people leaving comments they sure feel good! *flattered

in case some of you dont know that i have previously blogged before but due to some personal related matter i chose not to put my life out in an open book! here's the link! =p * in case some of you would be interested to c how i never change from my silly self! haha! *shy

so a big thank you for all who took the time and effort to read me!
*bear bear hug*

God bless!
& have a nice day!

my kissing face! *muaks*

p / s : i wonder know if you like my kiss? hahahhaha!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


im officially piss off right now.

super tu lan! *pulls hair*

i can go around and start cursing like a mad person.

i am THAT angry.

some people are just born brainless!

really duno what they have in their mind!

well i hope they will realize their mistake for playing with fire and they GROW UP.


Monday, February 14, 2011

G'day mate!

greetings from the land of the kangaroos!
speaking of which i have yet to c one hopping around as i would imagine! =p
i have actually arrived on the 12th of feb but i was too jet-lagged and busy hopping around my hostel n uni n getting myself to settle down. glad that all is almost done now! =)
well...the weather was unusually hot when we arrived however it took a drastic turn the very next day and up till now its super cold! at least for me. ==''' *because i have super low resistance towards coldness! Boo hoo! =(
who says summer is all hot n sunny! *humph*

Oowww..how i envy those ang moh's who can just go out in their casual tops n shorts. unlike me..who like any newbies at a foreign country wrap myself up like a dumpling! like this :

this is the very first pic i took after arriving here! =)

eventhough i do miss malaysia i really like it here! =)
confession time...the reason why i did not took any pictures up till yesterday was because i was missing malaysia..*shy

okla..enough emo-ing! moving to the happy things...
i got the best room! hehe..every house consists of 5 rooms meaning u have 4 other housemates! my house are occupied by 5 malaysian...=) n my room ...is the freaking BIGGEST room in the house! muahahhaha..=p its like double the size of the room of of my housemates. *yeah!
this means...more space ofr my junks & rubbish! haha! did i mention my 3 luggage that weights approximately 35kg have only my clothes,bags, n shoes! haha..=p

my aunt's house is like 20mins away..so thats another thing to be grateful for! *counting my blessing! hehe..=)

sometimes...i cant believe that i am actually really in Sydney. because when i walk around the Macquarie Center, * its a shopping center you actually see more Asians than ang mohs. so...it actually feel like we are in KL. haha! =p

what i learnt bout SYdney in the last 4 days :

- ASIANS are everywhere. throw a stone and 90% chances are you will hit an asian. LOL. =p
- never convert the currency..else..you wont buy @ eat anything! >.<
- no night life. 5pm n all the shops are closed! aww..i will miss going shopping at night! =(
- repeating news on tv. they have like news every hour of the day!
- the newscaster can be an 60 year old lady. how cool is that! =)
- rabbits we find cute are consider pests in Aussie. this i dont know why! oh..they run like super fast! forget the thoughts of catching one and making a rabbit stew! =p
- drinking water straight from the tap wont result in a stomachache cuz they r so clean! - transportation are super expensive! T.T
- you dont need a fan in the room! cuz its so windy! - you get hungry so fast even though you ate so much! =(

some pics before im off to feed my hungry stomach! =p

maple leave so BIG its as big as my face!

naked tree!