Thursday, December 2, 2010

moo moo cow

i am finally back from my hectic crazy fun trip to singapore & KL. loads of things to share but i shall skip the touristy part and blog bout the highlight of my 7days trip! my roadtrip back to sitiawan. yeah. its the highlight! trust me.

u might be wondering what is soooo geng bout my roadtrip back home right. and what has it got to do with cows? *moo moo*

huge ass nose. haha!

this pic makes me laugh like mad! lol

okla...i shall not beat around the bush no more. before we those who are animal lovers i mean those super fanatic one. pls leave at once. i do not want to be sued. =='''

after one week of, we decided to rush back home yesterday night because daddy Von has been home alone since last thursday. so..we feel that to compensate him..we cannot defer our trip any longer as we promised him that we will be back on thursday. ( p/s : we kinda broke this promise cuz we reached home early friday morning. haha! )

so...because me n sis we crazily doing our last minute shopping spree...we were late. like really late. makan dinner with sis n bernard..den only we start our journey back home. stopped by rawang to fetch our cousin.

before we started the journey..i prayed that God will bring us back safe and sound. and ask that He take care of us all. amen! so...we had a smooth journey along the highway. took the exit to Bidor.

that was around 12.15am.

so.....there were few cars ahead of us. saw a few cows, both big n small la beside the we already slow down liao......pass by the most critical place. critical cuz there were like around 15cows that i saw la..after that..we all assume that we are safe liao. like seriously.. suddenly ...i remembered that my bro told me bout an incident where her friend ran over a cow n the cow tumbled across the car the jacky chan style la. but the car was in damn shitty state la cuz her front mirror cracked n the front part..noned say liao la..its a kancil. so pls get your imagination going on.

the next minute.....

a stewpid baby calf came running towards our car from my side. i was sitting on the front seat. so imagine our horror. could stop in time. ran over it. BANG. n the calf went jacky chan style. T_____T fung over n landed smack right in the middle of the road. we tot it was dead. den suddenly it stood up. n we left.

even though our car is like wrecked...i still thank God for HE kept His promise. HE kept us safe. imagine..if the calf were to land on the front n my bro would be in danger. like really bad la. and if there were cars who were following closely behind would have ran into us n also into the calf right. and if it was not a calf but a cow. i duno what to imagine man. seriously. THANK GOD for His grace and mercy! phewww.... =)

to the animal so sorry we ran over a cow..but its not like we want to right. it was an accident. and i really felt bad for the calf la. i think it will not survive. my condolences to the calf. maybe he will make a great steak. question is...why are the freaking COWS running rampant and without guidance in the middle of the night. sorry. early morning. it was freaking 12.30am ok! ==''' now we had to bear the cost of emotional trauma of hitting a cow and also the cost of repairing the car.

ohya..speaking of which..we ran into policemen around 1.30am. he stopped us. cuz our car looked like we hit n run some poor fella. T____T even asked for my bro's driving license n I.C n also ours....(p/s : think we all china Dolls a?!?!)

first thing he asked.

cop : "apa pasai?"
us : " langgar lembu encik. "
cop : "oooh...dekat mana? "
us : "bidor encik..."

the next thing he asked. actually is they la..there were like 5 of them...all came n kepo. left the policestop to talk with us.

cop : " lembu tu mati ke? "

LOL...i find it really funny that everybody asked if the cow died. =p

us : " tak...nampak dia bangun lagi tu..."
cop : "lembu nie memang macam ni...yang muda tu la bodoh...nampak cahaya dia terlompat-lompat keluar"

*ROFL* u tell me..funny anot our cop! haha! =p

us : ya la encik...tiba tiba dia lari keluar..kita pun terkejut!"
cop : "nasib baik ini kereta jepun..kalau kereta malaysia..habis. engin engin sekali hancur kemek."

what else can i say...MALAYSIA BOLEH!

after some lame conversation...we left. came back home n got nagged by my daddy.

ironically....4 of us in car could still find the whole incident funny. mommy von even went n said "mei..remind me tmr morning ya...wake up first thing in the morning must go buy number." *ROFL*

our car. with missing car number plate.

OHYA....n we got souvenirs!


thank you mr moo moo!

i think he is happy.

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