Saturday, January 1, 2011

daddy cool like no one!


i would like to dedicate this post to my daddy! =)

my dad is a Jan 1st baby!
well..technically. its not really his birthday. to cut long story grandpa did not know the importance of registering children and he was also too busy working outstation when my dad was born..hence...he registered him months later and put Jan 1st as his birth date. =='''
so my dad has been celebrating his birthday on Jan 1st la since we started celebrating them. haha!

back then when we,my siblings and i were still young..we did not celebrate our parents birthdays in the princess or prince style la.. this may partly be due the reason that my parents themselves dun celebrate their birthday! how sad. i know. but! i remembered that we celebrated more of Mother's day as well as Father's day as compared to their birthdays! *sigh* depressing i know. hey! at least we celebrated them for all their love for us! that will do for it! =) we used to like cycle out ( the three of us ) to the nearest bakery and buy a cream cake which was such a luxury to us back then because we would have to save our money for the cake which cost us like rm 10? but i will always remember how happy we all were cutting the cake and eating it..such innocent joy! =)

oh..and i remembered how we used to miss our daddy's birthday for few years because all 3 of us were at out church youth's camp. so eventhough we were not physically there to celebrate his birthday we would always call back home when the clock strikes 12 and wish him happy birthday! i can hear my dad was really happy but being the man of the house...must control macho! he would ask us all not to waste money on the phone because we would be back the next day. fyi, my daddy is so not a telephone or handphone fella cuz he is a strong believer that handphones are nothing but a waste of money cuz the call rates are expensive. ==''' he prefers real face-to-face communication. haha!

my dad is smart but annoyingly but cute.
whenever his birthday comes...he knows that we would buy him a cake. like who celebrates a birthday without a birthday cake right? lol. so whenever we are going out to buy his birthday cake he would know. he is smart. then....he would flag us down before we have the chance to reverse the car and then he would tell us directly "noned to buy cake for me. i dowan to eat!"

can u guys pls tell me if your dad does this?

nevertheless...despite him asking us not to buy a can we not buy one cake for our daddy dearest?=)

we love you daddy.
thank you for being such a cute daddy.
thank you for being such a naggy daddy.
thank you for being the BEST daddy in the world!
thank you for loving us.
happy birthday!

imma end this post with a pic of my cute daddy! =p

cute pose eh?


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