Tuesday, December 28, 2010

reasons to blog

i am "eat-full-nothing-better-to-do" mood now..so imma just makea quick update to kill my time! haha. life at home is good but when nobody is around. time passes by really slow............................T.T

okie dokie! so here goes my reasons to blog!

1) sense of POWER! *muahahha*
i need somewhere where i am in charge of is. like im the ladyboss! *happy* can crap whatever i want to! well..i know i am too much of a talker to some people..so instead of bugging ppl all the time to talk to me..or listen to in ( in most cases! =p ) well,why not put my thoughts and feelings into words. it sometimes feels so good because i think im doing myself and others a major favour. haha! me, because i get to expressed myself with full freedom! and i save others from any torment they may have to go through because i can be a very naggy person. =p

2) SHARING is caring! *lame.i know.*
i figure that since i will be going to aussie real soon * keeping my fingers crossed n hopes that everything goes smooth! God bless me!* i find that keeping a blog may be good for some ppl who might miss me! *cough* not trying to say that many ppl are interested in what i do with my life but i feel keeping a blog might be good that i ppl can see me! and be reminded of me! =) going abroad will be a great experience and there will be lotsa interesting things that i wana share with others..so having blog means i can blog bout them..and ppl come, read and they noned to ask me again right? den i dun have to repeat myself so many times. ooh..suddenly feel so clever. *pats myself on back!* haha! =p

3 ) for ME! =)
i am a strong believer that when you are having the mood of an angry lion or feeling as blue-est as u can due to a major PMS or watever other extreme moods or feelings...u say things that u will definitely regret ltr on! which yours truly is majorly guilty of..*sigh*
i am bad tempered. i know. and my tears flow like the Nigeria Falls when my crying button is hit! so i know this makes me looks like an angry + irrational +childish person. but im learning to grow up and keep praying that one day..i will be able to have more self control over myself. so i believe this blog of mine could be a great place for me to sit down and reflect on myself when times like this come. to just sit..and think...and blog whats in my heart! its not called "tete-a-tete" for no reason. fyi, tete-a-tete means to talk heart to heart! =)

4) the utmost license to CAMWHORE! *clicksclicks*
i love photography! or rather i love to take pics of myself.me. and i! =p haha! *camwhores* i just love taking pics although sadly...i am not veyr photogenic but those pics serve as a remembrance of what i did,where.and when. =) and camwhoring is like sooo allowed when you have a blog! =p dun believe me..go see out of 10 women bloggers..which one does not post pics of themselves ha? *shifty eyes* so..yeah..imma get the license to camwhore more and post them up without feeling weird unless some of you comments that you wana vomit seeing my pics which i pray not to happen and if it really happens i will just say "like i care" because its my blog and if you happen to see me and vomit..consider that is a good act on my side to help ur indigestion problem! HAHA! =p

to end my post for today with.......


and this

and this too

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW LICENSE! * skip & do chicken dance*
even happier than when i first got my driving licence. =='''
im vain.but not shallow. =p

okla. i think dats enough of vomiting already. dowan to torture u all samo la! see..im quite a considerate person right? *im swt-ing against myself and amazed at my own thick-face-ness! lmao*

tata! have a great day everyone! God bless! =)


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