Monday, November 22, 2010

reasons to be happy!

life is hard. no one can deny that. however under all those shits n craps...there are moments when u can really feeel so over the top! in fact there are so many of them if u stop n think bout it! =) *counting her blessing*

some of my happy moments captured on camera! *okla..not really captured..its intentionally captured a.k.a camwhore la! .shy.*

warning to those who hates looking at vain pictures. pls stop scrolling down now. xD

when i get to play dress up n camwhore. ok i sounded like a desperado. nvm. but i cant deny the fact that i love to take pics even though i am not the prettiest nor am i the most photogenic? human rights people.human rights. who says u must be damn chio only can take pics right? i dun care even if u feel like puking after looking at those pics but i did warn u! hahaha! =p

when i get to nom nom the food that i absolutely love n dun mind eating till i feel like puking. haha! =p

when i get to eat ice cream! *teehee*

when i get to go to the beach n get to be as lazy as a sea lion. malaysianize the thing..dugong la in our malaysia context. well i think im getting a lil crazy. haha.

anyway....there are tons ands gazillions of other things that makes miss yvonne happy!


for today.....its 2 things that makes me happppppppppy!


well...after waiting for 22 long years.....i finally get to go to the country that i admire! for many reasons which are in fact quite distinct la as compared to malaysia. shall not elaorate furthur for this else ppl will be saying that i dun love malaysia. speaking of which i do love the country that am born in. stop speculating.

anyways..i wana see ,merlion and mummy merlion and baby merlion! =) n eat chili crab. n maybe lucky enough to bum into phua chu kang & rosie! im super excited! =))


been hearing so many good things bout them....err..not the red n yellow thing la. i mean bout the place,food,people and definitely S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G! finally..i get to go! =))

Christmas & Chinese New Year shopping is half done! *evil laughter*

now now.....any idea on how i can earn some extra cash? =p

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