Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i just got back from bangkok like 2 days ago and i am finding myself missing bangkok so much!

i love their food..tomyum..tonyum kung...the fruits stalls where u can get fruits like anytime anywhere..fruit juices..coconut...and most importantly platinum mall where my sis and i went crazy shopping there. like O.M.GOSH! i have never shop till so crazy before..seriously. im really happy with what i bought but i am also regretting something. regretting not buying more. hahaha! sigh. i will definitely go back bangkok! precisely platinum mall. *cough* anyway this is just a short post because my bangkok pics r with my sis...i will blog a proper blog when i got the pics!
again.....I HEART BANGKOK! =P

in the mean time..i need to really pamper myself more. because i discovered that i have like gazillions of white heads and black heads on my face. sad. and i have like lotsa pimples. even worse. lotsa scars....*emo* so i really need to start taking care of my skin lah..if not....i dun think i will ever forgive myself for not taking care of my once oh-so-smooth skin. haiz. i wish i can turn back time. why....WHY does human only learn from their mistake...why cant we foresee things and learn not to take things for granted? okla...whats done is done. no use crying over spilled milk. i see others with worse skin and i should be thankful liao for my skin..n start caring it liao! *determined*

ohh...my friend is getting married this saturday! and i am sooo excited! =) so gotta make sure no giant zits have chance to spring on my face! teehee~

im off to do a mask! =p

have a great day peeps!


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