Friday, January 28, 2011

i heart bangkok!

super late post on my bangkok trip! =p
my first visit to Bangkok and i fall head over heals for it! actually is the shopping la! lol.

my summary of Bangkok :




( p/s : just so that i make it clear..the above purchases are not mine alone. its the labour of love & sweat (p/p/s : actually the 2 guys r the one sweating la! cuz they help us to carry all those shopping bags! =p ) for 4 of us...2 dudes & 2 babes! hehe...)


i wana go naoooooo! *sulk

just the though of going shopping in Bangkok again is sending me into a happy stroke. wth. a lil over with the term stroke but seriously its like O.M.Gosh!!!!

every freaking shop is like different from the other shops.
ohya! we went to Platinum mall. its like our Sg Wang but this is like 10000 times better to shop cuz they offer u choices, styles and super duper affordable price!
you have to go there if u ever go to Bangkok! dats if you r a girl la. if u r a dude be nice n go with your girlfriend la...k? =p

tell me who dun like CHEAP & NICE & STYLISH things? *hard stare*

statistics of my purchase :
14 tops,
5 shorts,
5 skirts,
3 dresses,
a jacket,
2 scarfs,
5 pair of earrings,
3 pair of flats,
a pair of pumps,
3 bags,
2 belts,
2 necklaces,
2 set's of kid's clothes and also some souvenir!

kapunka~~~ ( means thank you in Thailand. )

i posted my bangkok pics in my fb and friends who saw me after that all commented the same thing.
" crazy of u 2 ( meaning me & sis ) to shop so much in Bangkok!"
i think by now..everybody will be thinking that both me n my sis r like these crazy mad women who does not have any control of ourselves when it comes to shopping. true to a certain extend but both of us definitely have some self control. else we would be buying the whole Platinum mall back! hahaha..=p

to be honest....i regret not buying more! =( because its not like everyday that i get to go to Bangkok right? *giving self reason to buy more.
i missed the nvm la..i will definitely come back to you Bangkok!

ohya...something really funny to share...
when we first arrived, my sis's BF jokingly told us that each of us wold have to buy 30 items or more cuz that would only make our trip worth it. all 4 of us laughed at it saying that its impossible cuz that crazy!
turns out....we hit that figure at Day 2 itself. hahahahahhahahhaa......
moral of the lesson : never say things randomly cuz u never know what might just come true! =p

we are not so bad la!
we went Bangkok liao....of cuz have to look and see Bangkok itself! apart from the shopping la!
so whats better way to know and experience their very own unique culture by visiting the famous touristy place?

The Grand Palace! and a huge complex of temples just beside it.
ahhh..speaking of killing 2 birds at once. me likey! save on our taxi fare! oooh..did i mention their taxi r like crazy cheap? waaaay cheaper than our Malaysian taxi and waaaay more comfortable taxis! =) heck..even their tuk tuk costs more than the taxi! somehow..i feel that ever since tuk tuk start gaining its popularity among the became the easiet weapon to chop us tourist! cuz u find tuk tuk only in Thailand. wth, that makes lotsa sense. =='''

ok enough of making myself look shallow. i shall show u some pics that hopefully will make me look cute! hahahaa...=p

both my sis and i were required to wear the sarung thingy cuz our pants were deemed inappropriate. apparently leggings are not allowed cuz its accentuates our Jlo butts. lol. joking. i made this up. they have a dress code and we did not meet their dress code. anyway my sis & i tied the sarung in a more edgy style. cuz we duno how to tie the sarung but i think they looked cute cuz many ppl were staring at our sarung. or its cuz we r like 2 stupid fella tying something like that. haha! but who cares la..we had fun with it! =)

behold the temples. photography skill not bad leh.....muahahhaa..=p

so...apa macam..not bad right? ahahhaha..i knw i know..i am very thick faced..but i really think they r not bad lo! =p *pats myself on head & back!

in the temple we :

they have edamame in bangkok!

was shocked!


and posed!

and posed again!

and again..............

sorry for the vain pose.

ahh.....i need to make myself clear again. i am a Christian. stepping into a temple does not in any way show that i am converted to their religion. i believe in Christ. its just a visit and i respect other religion. pure appreciation of the beautiful architectural aspect of the buildings. nothing more. nothing less. i have faith in my Saviour that he will protect me wherever i go and i have Faith in my own Faith in Christ. =)

enough and happy with the temples...we went over to the Grand Palace!

i am beginning to like this kinda photos. the " walk & turn" pose as i call it. haha! =p

got myself a bottle of ICED mango juice to recharge myself and be as strong as he is!
the sun was crazy hot lo that day..we were all roasted like pigs. =.=
my sis actually brought 2 umbrellas all the way from Malaysia! but we left them in the hotel. we forget bout them. smart. very smart.

The Grand Palace.

me & him =)

taking a long rest cause the complex were so big we walked till our leg wana certify its own death.

no lashes. i need my fake lashes. T.T

this is the cutest & friendliest guard on duty! he actually smiled & posed for us! hehe...=p

me & my dear sis!

purple lotus!

pink lotus!

okla.enough of pics. super lazy to upload liao. and also i think this is a super long post liao.

all in all....

i heart bangkok ! did i mention bout the shopping? oh.i did. sorry. =p


  1. Waa, with all those things u got, u could even open up a new shop in Msia.. enough stock for months.. haha

    moral of the story: I can't go to Bangkok bringing a girl.. >_<"


  2. true anuar. never go bangkok with a girl is u have no intention of gaining some muscles. haha! =p