Sunday, January 30, 2011

bye bye black!


as promised...a pic of my AFTER hair!

okla..its not like this now. T.T
oh. in case u didn't notice...i also cut my hair shorter. =p
i have no idea how the hair stylist works his magic with my hair man! *depressed

i duno how to blow till my hair looks so chio! *sobs


MUST LEARN! *hopeful look

okla..maybe some of u would say that i dun look any different...cuz the colour is really really super close with my natural colour. =p
cuz i am such a coward that i do not want to have super bright coloured hair.
somehow..i think this has got to do ALOT with the fact that i am a future teacher to be and i (people) stereotyped that teacher should not be blondies! >.<
have to admit, im super afraid of others judging me. haiz.
but people judge people all the time. sad but true. =(

bye bye black! teehee~


  1. mati aku. haha..its actually becoming more n more "golden" so dead. haha. =p