Friday, January 21, 2011

ding dong!

im back after such a long hiatus!
i had a crazy packed week! so many things to share about...
just a quick update of what i had been doing the past week:
1) a dear friend's wedding! =) i think this is actually the first wedding of a childhood friend of was so sweet seeing the 2 people who grew with us finally tied the knot! will talk bout this further! ^^

2) went to kl and attend our predeparture briefing. everything is all set and im flying on the 10th of feb. its feels a lil' surreal that i am finally really gonna fly...thank God for this! amen! im running against time right now!

3) went pavillion for the first time. not a place for me cuz i dun like going to a shopping mall where the only shops that i can go in and actually shop is Forever21 and CottonOn. the rest of the shop...dun even dare to look at it. ==''' i duno y ppl who cant afford this likes to go there and brag bout how they LOVE shopping there? maybe walking there for a round can boost one's self esteem and amplify their egoness by imagining that they r actually from the "atas" community for being able to (window)shop in pavillion. *puff*

4) went Uniqlo for the very first time & guess who was shopping there too with us? hiak hiak hiak...its Tun Dr Mahathir! din know that he likes street wear! haha...=p anyway loads of ppl were asking him for n sis wanted to do so too but i guess seeing how he was ambushed and poor man was only trying to look around for clothes but ppl come n kacau like that...we decided not to take pics had like 4 bodyguards beside him. haha. dowana be stopped by them cuz if it happened..damn embarrassing only lo...right? =p nvm la.i get to c him in person at least once before i die also i am satisfied liao. lol.

5 )! being a boring person who always likes to play it safe by sticking to the same hair n almost same length since i am 10....i did something i would say shocking to myself! after 13 years! =p well..technically 23 years la..cuz i have been having the same hair style since i am 10..shoulder length or a lil' long, kinda straight, no bangs or short fringe...never permed except for those temporary hair do's...never ever dyed my hair....i finally...DYED them. =p is not a super bright colour..very near to my natural hair colour..i would say its dark brown...when everybody else is telling me that its not worth it that i spend so much doing it but its not obvious..i actually loved it! because..i never thought that a day like this would come because i never had the courage to do so! haha! so yes. i love my hair. i love the colour. oh..did i mentioned that the hair stylist is a korean? hahaha! =p went to Yoo Jean's saloon in Sri Hartamas for it. =) shall show u the hair once i get a nice decent pic of myself k! =)


ok. imma start to talk bout the wedding! =)
warning first..this is gonna be one long post with loads of pics! =p

well..the sweet celebrated couple is Lemon & Huiteen!

the beauty and the handsome!

we knew the bride way back then as all of us attends the same church and youth fellowship.

their love story was a simple one!
there. done. =)

one day...lemon ( the groom ) came to our church and there he met the angel of his life. and thus....came the man and after a sweet courtship...they finally got together!
and its so happy seeing them tying the knot and building a family together.

their wedding took place in marina island ( the hottest lepak-ing place in sitiawan currently!) its actually a private property owned by a really is a very beautiful place!oh...its also a reclaimed island and jetty as well to go to Pangkor Island. only 10mins to go there. form the old jetty in lumut u need like 25mins if i am not mistaken. so save lots of time! ok. cuti-cuti sitiawan commercial break is over. back to the wedding.

they had a wedding ceremony the garden-open-air-style.

lookie at the seaaaa! ahhhhhh~

anyway..the wedding reception was also held at the same place..just beside where the wedding ceremony took place.
anyway dats bout all the its picture time! ^^
let the pictures do its magic!

me & huichin ( bride's sister ) and the door gift. =)

the 4 bridesmaids & the beautiful bride and uncle ( kenot c uncle here) before we march in! =)

the groomsmen, the perfect couple, the bridesmaids

bro, me, & sis with the couple.
this cute lil' girl is a relative of the bride n she super like to take pics! haha..i mean like super. sees a camera and she attacks it. haha. she will just stand into the crowd n smile! =p

these r the people i grew up with! my dearest bro & sis in Christ! =)

me & dear sis! ^^

hangway & myself. i cant believe that my head is actually bigger than his. T.T

now imma tell u the story of how i got to be a bridesmaid. yeah. there's a story to it. haha. initially i was not a bridesmaid. another girl was supposed to have the honour of it..but on the morning of the day of the wedding..her car was hijacked. =( so she could make it back thus..i was the substitute to her....its very unfortunate of how i actually became the bridesmaid..but i am more than happy to be one.=) not that i wish the girl to be hijacked but u know what i mean. btw its my very first time as a bridesmaid! so yes..i am happy. =)

and last but not least....

me & the beautiful bride! =)

i pray that this blessed day will be the start for a blissful marriage for lemon & huiteen!

i know the pics looked great right? im not saying i look pretty or what k ( eventhough i think i looked really great haha but hey! everybody looked great on that day! ^^ ) the pics does not tell the whole picture of the we were all sweaty and roasted because dear Mr Sun was so mean to us that day! but its not i think sunny day is better than rainy day! but all pics turn out really i think its all well worth! hiak hiak hiak.

p/s : next blogpost will be my bangkok trip! i finally got the pics! teehee~

till then.....




  1. Whoa, Tun M, in Uniqlo? Salute lah Tun M! haha, that would be the last person I would expect..

    Awesome pics, and


    But in these wedding pics, your hair already looks kinda brown in some.. coloured already?

  2. hahahhaa...yeah...Tun M in Uniqlo. who knows that he is that young at heart har! =p
    thx..the place is a really beautiful place..!=)
    my natural hair colour is slightly brownish la..=p cuz my hair r not healthy..haha!