Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this is it

this is my blog and i cant rant whatever i want to.
this blog is supposed to share my happy moments.
not the bitter side of me.

somehow i find myself writing lots n lots of emo posts. which is so not healthy.
maybe its because whenever i feel so happy i would be too busy being happy that i dont find the need to sit down in front of my lappie and start talking bout happy things! cuz i can do much more fun things rather than sitting quietly and typing.

as for today i am going through the same exact feeling.

God is fair.

fair the sense that i had lotsa of happy moments ever since 5weeks ago when i landed in the land of the roos but also had my share of days when i feel so sad being here.

fair in the sense that i make lots of new and great friends but sadly, i think i am losing one or maybe some of people i used to adore.

fair in the sense that i am always surrounded by great people that make me feel so special and that my presence matters to them but at time, even when i am surrounded by people i felt that i am all alone.

i am not trying to sell some self pity here.

i am not going to go around and suck it all up just cuz some stupid idioms said that " when life gives u lemon, u make lemonade out of it".

i want to. but i think i had enough of lemonade.
i am refusing the lemon now.

thank you for all the juice and the sourness that u have given me.

this is it.

i need some strawberries. or anything sweet.

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