Friday, March 4, 2011

playing with emotions

i think im emotionally comlicated person.

one minute i was happily studying and revising my japanese.

the next minute, i am all sad and moody.

as i sit here, in from of my laptop who proably hates me too cuz it keeps misbehaving and restart and hang whenever it feels like doing so, im SAD.

ask me why and i really cant answer that.

i tried hard to catch up with my feelings and try to give myself a good solid reason so that i dont feel so dumb for emo-ing here.

Q : What cause Yvonne to be sad?
a) home sick.
b) food sick.
c) love sick.
d) dont know.

A : d) dont know.

i really dont know. *major sigh

ok. i feel really stupid now.

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