Friday, February 18, 2011

hands up!

the question of that day :
hands up...for those who reads my craps!

well...technically its not a sudden thought...i have really been wondering who reads my crazy-mostly-driven-by-my-imbalance-hormones-rants-and-emoness mind that is literally translated into words on this kinda boring page. *shamelessly still blogging

seriously.... i am amazed even by the snail development of my site meter that currently reads at OH-MY- 806! dats alot for me. *skips n jumps in circle*
*well i am a super low expectation girl! i guess. i know to some people..they dun give any shitz bout this or what but really i am contended! something small like that can really send me up cloud nine! =p

and to have people leaving comments they sure feel good! *flattered

in case some of you dont know that i have previously blogged before but due to some personal related matter i chose not to put my life out in an open book! here's the link! =p * in case some of you would be interested to c how i never change from my silly self! haha! *shy

so a big thank you for all who took the time and effort to read me!
*bear bear hug*

God bless!
& have a nice day!

my kissing face! *muaks*

p / s : i wonder know if you like my kiss? hahahhaha!

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