Monday, February 14, 2011

G'day mate!

greetings from the land of the kangaroos!
speaking of which i have yet to c one hopping around as i would imagine! =p
i have actually arrived on the 12th of feb but i was too jet-lagged and busy hopping around my hostel n uni n getting myself to settle down. glad that all is almost done now! =)
well...the weather was unusually hot when we arrived however it took a drastic turn the very next day and up till now its super cold! at least for me. ==''' *because i have super low resistance towards coldness! Boo hoo! =(
who says summer is all hot n sunny! *humph* i envy those ang moh's who can just go out in their casual tops n shorts. unlike me..who like any newbies at a foreign country wrap myself up like a dumpling! like this :

this is the very first pic i took after arriving here! =)

eventhough i do miss malaysia i really like it here! =)
confession time...the reason why i did not took any pictures up till yesterday was because i was missing malaysia..*shy

okla..enough emo-ing! moving to the happy things...
i got the best room! hehe..every house consists of 5 rooms meaning u have 4 other housemates! my house are occupied by 5 malaysian...=) n my room the freaking BIGGEST room in the house! muahahhaha..=p its like double the size of the room of of my housemates. *yeah!
this means...more space ofr my junks & rubbish! haha! did i mention my 3 luggage that weights approximately 35kg have only my clothes,bags, n shoes! haha..=p

my aunt's house is like 20mins thats another thing to be grateful for! *counting my blessing! hehe..=)

sometimes...i cant believe that i am actually really in Sydney. because when i walk around the Macquarie Center, * its a shopping center you actually see more Asians than ang mohs. actually feel like we are in KL. haha! =p

what i learnt bout SYdney in the last 4 days :

- ASIANS are everywhere. throw a stone and 90% chances are you will hit an asian. LOL. =p
- never convert the wont buy @ eat anything! >.<
- no night life. 5pm n all the shops are closed! aww..i will miss going shopping at night! =(
- repeating news on tv. they have like news every hour of the day!
- the newscaster can be an 60 year old lady. how cool is that! =)
- rabbits we find cute are consider pests in Aussie. this i dont know why! oh..they run like super fast! forget the thoughts of catching one and making a rabbit stew! =p
- drinking water straight from the tap wont result in a stomachache cuz they r so clean! - transportation are super expensive! T.T
- you dont need a fan in the room! cuz its so windy! - you get hungry so fast even though you ate so much! =(

some pics before im off to feed my hungry stomach! =p

maple leave so BIG its as big as my face!

naked tree!

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