Thursday, March 3, 2011

japanese is not as simple as konichiwa.

watashiwa e bon des su.
mackuri dai ga ku no ni nen sei ga se i.
tsumimase, anata ai watashiwa blog des ka?

i wrote a paragraph of crap in japanese. haha!
well if u really wana know what i wrote go google them! haha! for the record, im writing those based on my limited understanding of japanese and my romaji totally kenot pakai wan! so pls dont come and spam me if i write it wrongly or watever la!

ah.....i cant believe that i am actually taking japanese as my elective unit!
i find it fun! like u can go on and on with konichiwa n stuffs like that for real!
i mean taking the unit certainly allows me to harass my friends with my super shallow knowledge of japanese! haha! *this will be fun! =p

anyway its been a crazy week here cuz i have been playing and doing tooo much of groceries! speaking of which i really think all these walking around finding for cheaper stuffs is turning me into an aunty la. =( but what choice do i have? *sobs....FYI, we have roughly 300aud per month to survival as in food,phone & other essential stuffs. ITS NOT ENOUGH! *SOBS

well gotta stop writing now cuz i have to practice my japanese. flunked my quiz today so have to work extra harder for the next quiz! =(

nah..some pics of me la..just in case u miss me. if u dont, there r no obligations to scroll down n see them. or if you wana see how much weight i gained in 3 weeks time feel free to do so!

sydney bridge

opera house! *sings

camwhoring with the teddy biscuits! =p

st andrew's cathedral! =))

being all touristy in the middle of the city!

bah! too lazy to post pics. okthxforreadingbyebye!

oh oh! last before i stop crapping : watashiwa kawaii des ka? ka? ka? HAHAHHAHA *shameless you dont have to answer that. okthanksbubye. *runs away

e bon!

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