Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pre-flight panic attacks

i cant believe that i am having this pre-flight jitters thingy. =(

i have been waiting and praying for the past 2 and a half years that i can make it through it and secure myself a ticket to Aussie!

now that i am flying like in less than 36hours...im really panicking.

HAIZ! to the max samo!

i cant believe this is happening. my palms are sweaty. my stomach feels like its gona explode anytime due to the heavy butterflies in my stomach...my heart is beating so fast it could jump right out. *somebody come and gimme a slap in my face pls.

i used to think that i will not at any cost be sad or emo bout leaving Malaysia..leaving everybody that is so dear to me for 2 years, leaving everything that i love here, leaving everything that spells C.O.M.F.O.R.T to me.

but here i am now.

feeling lost.



i bet wrinkles are mushrooming on my face now. =(

i bet i would cry so badly on the day of my departure that i can flood KLIA. ==''' because i am already missing everybody and everything! *my whole kampung will come and send me off. haha!

my laptop is playing Mylie Cyrus's "The Climb". 0.o
could this be a message by God?
He knows my fear and my anxiety....and telling me that through a song! AMEN!

God indeed is good. =)

p/s : talking craps helps ease my tension. so pls bear with me. *bluek i actually felt much better now! =) oh..and er...i somehow enjoy talking to myself. haha! =p

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