Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear God,

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for keeping your promises to me! Lord, you say that those who perseveres will be rewarded. You say that those who remains faithful and loyal and obedient to you will be rewarded. and i thank you Lord for your love,grace and mercy is enough for me! They keep me lifted and they gave me strength. For i know that when the world has their back on me i can always count on you. You have prepared everything for me and i know i should not be afraid about embarking on a new chapter of my life. I will treasure this given chance and i shall put my faith in you Lord. i pray that Lord you continue to comfort me and calm me down. I pray that Lord you grant me a safe journey to Australia. I also ask that Lord you will also comfort the heart of those who are dear to me as i know my departure affects them as much as it affects me. Thank you Lord once again for you faithfulness. i know...The same Lord who protected me yesterday will protect me tomorrow and forever! in Jesus most precious name i pray..Amen!

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