Thursday, November 18, 2010


i have finally found out whats wrong with my blogger that caused me to feel so freaking frustrated for the past week cuz i could blog when i really really felt like blogging back then. T________T

it was a stupid stupid thing.

so pls be prepared to listen to my idiotic story.
i changed the settings to a so called " new recommended editor". recommend wo....really shitty. aiya...humans especially girls r like this gullible...see the word RECOMMENDED or things that says "u will lose like 100kg after consuming this" or "evolve from an ugly duckling to a elegant swan" will make make our hand suddenly go gatal. sure gerenti fall for it. okla..i know la...i am guilty of it la. >.<

so....after doodling on the settings for the i-duno-how-many-time-liao...i saw that particualr setting. and think that...hmm...y not change back to the old setting yah? and so...i give lady luck a try and changed it back.

SEE...can blog liao. ish! wasted duno how many hours struggling to find out whats wrong with my bloggie. T____T

well...nvm lesson learnt. the moral of this story is :

sometimes sticking back to the old n basic proves to be the better choice! =)

fresh may not always be the best!

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